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Program in prison for young criminals in Moscow

October 2010

Music and meditation in a jail for young ones

Last Friday we went to a prison for young criminals with medium and heavy crime degrees. We were 15 yogis from Moscow and neighbouring cities.
We were met by very pleasant staff member who was very positive about the program.

Before we had an agreement with the prison staff that we will not speak and we will only sing. But when we came there the staff members asked us to tell everything what we know about spirituality.

We had 30-40 prisoners on the program.
The atmosphere was not tense at all; on the contrary the atmosphere was very kind and almost homely.

We wanted to start our program with Russian songs but we changed our plans and started to sing Indian devotional song called bhajans. We felt that eyes of prisoners and staff members started to sparkle. Some prisoners wanted even to start dancing but they were not allowed of course.

After second bhajan we started to speak about kundalini and Sahaja Yoga meditation.
We conducted self-realization protocol and we had a feeling that many of the prisoners accepted Sahaja Yoga meditation in their hearts.

The program was scheduled to take one and a half hours but when we asked how much time is left the staff told us to continue program ignoring time limits.

Then we stopped the program. When they were going out of the hall many of them were thanking us from their hearts ; it was very pleasant.

The prison staff members invited us to come back to conduct meditations.

Alexander, Moscow

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