dimanche 17 juin 2012

Feeling peace (second part)

Here are extracts from letters of inmates who have started Sahaja Yoga Meditation in their prison in India.

I felt very good after doing Sahaja Yoga meditation. Today I felt the cool breeze flowing through my hands.


During Sahaja Yoga, I felt a small jolt in my spine and I felt some trembling and strong vibrations in my hands. All the stress vanished from my mind.


I felt a cool sensation in my hands and body during Sahaja Yoga. My mind became calm and peaceful and I felt my soul was satisfied.

During Sahaja Yoga I felt heat coming out of my head. I felt cool in one hand and warm in the other. I felt peace in my heart.


I felt cool in my hands during Sahaja Yoga. I got peace of mind. I will like to request everyone to practice Sahaja Yoga. One gets rid of physical ailments by doing it.

I have been doing Sahaja Yoga for the last two days. I felt my right hand was hurt. As I went into meditation, I felt a pulsation in my right palm just like a heart beat. Soon after that I started feeling coolness in both my palms.
I felt that something special is there.

Vikas B.
During Sahaj Yoga today I felt cool breeze in my hands and warm breeze above my head. This was my second day and am feeling that I will go to this meditation daily and hope I will be successful in my endeavour.

Felt good during Sahaja Yoga. Felt cool breeze in my hands and head.


It was my first day in Sahaja Yoga meditation. I did it with complete faith. I felt sometimes cool and sometimes warm in both the hands. I had a similar experience on the upper portion of the head (cool-warm). I felt the balance I asked for. I felt very nice. I want to do it continuously


I felt heat on my hands and some warm steam-like feeling in my head. I definitely got peace through Sahaja Yoga meditation.


I felt countless flames on top of my head during Sahaja Yoga meditation. And I felt the peace in my inner being.


During Sahaja Yoga meditation, when I kept my left hand over my head I felt as if there is a warm air flowing from my head. Sweat came out from my right hand. Then, my left hand became lighter and I felt better.


I have been inspired by today’s session of yoga and will follow the practices daily. I have given up the commotion I had and I feel much better.


The thoughts of my household were worrying me for the past 3 years .But after my Kundalini be awakenen, my worries all vanished . I am now so calm.

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