mardi 22 février 2011

To forgive

Here are some testimonies of inmates who started Sahaja Yoga Meditation in India's jails.

I got a lot of peace of heart. Whomsoever has wronged me I have forgiven everyone, I have forgiven myself also. I will never make a mistake again. Many thanks to you Shri Mataji!

Om Dutt

Sahaja Yoga is a Miracle. Sahaja Yoga meditation taught us that we should forgive our enemies so I forgave my enemy with whom I had a fight and because of whom I was sent to jail. And after doing Sahaja Yoga and forgiving my enemy from the bottom of my heart, I was given immediate a result.

The same person who was responsible for sending me to jail, came to jail asking me to pardon him for his mistake and also offered to give bail for me. If this is not a miracle what is it? I had forgiven him truly. I am in a hurry since I can be released any time now…

By taking to Sahaja Yoga meditation, I felt really nice. I pray God to settle in my Heart and shower me with Love. I forgive all those who have erred against me. My heart knows only the love of God.

I felt wonderful in Sahaja Yoga when I was meditating today. And when I said, “I forgive everyone”, then I felt God said, “Son, I forgive you too”. I felt as if something is coming through my hands and I got peace in my heart.


Prior to my entry into Sahaja Yoga meditation, I had a thought that when I get out of Jail I will take revenge with my enemies. However, after doing Sahaja Yoga today, I took a decision that I will forgive forever and lead a good life when I shall go out of jail.


Today’s Sahaja Yoga experience impressed me a lot and feeling of revenge left me. I felt peace of mind and joy and desire in me arose to leave the act of punishment unto God.

I felt great peace here in SahajaYoga. I have forgiven all those who have been bad to me.


I felt great peace in my heart here in SahajaYoga meditation. I have forgiven everyone and myself also. When I went for SahajaYoga today, I felt cool breeze coming out of both my hands. My desire is that where ever I may go, I should go for Sahaja Yoga daily.

I felt great peace in SahajaYoga meditation. I have forgiven all those who have been bad to me.


Since I have been going to SahajaYoga , I have been feeling more and more peace daily. I have forgiven all those who have been bad to me. And I have forgiven myself also. I have even found a good friend in SahajaYoga.


My mind was disturbed before coming to Sahaja Yoga. But when I requested for forgiving everyone, feelings of jealousy and revenge in me were dissolved.

I was very uneasy in my heart since the day I came to police custody and I started fearing a heart attack. But I felt a lot of relief in my mind on coming to Sahaja Yoga. When everyone was meditating with closed eyes, my eyes opened and I felt so cold in my right hand as if there was an ice-cube.

This happened when I said : “I have forgiven everyone”. I felt very happy after that ; and I am feeling as if I have got something. The feeling of revenge has also left my heart.


When I started meditating during Sahaja Yoga, my head was heavy. As we were asked to forgive everyone, I said ‘God, please forgive those people who have harmed me’. As soon as I said this, my head became lighter and warm air blew out of my left hand. I want to continue doing this Sahaja Yoga.

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