vendredi 16 avril 2010

Less pain

Some prisoners meditating in Delhi felt relieved from physical pain with Sahaja Yoga Meditation.


Pain in my hand is gone. What else can I ask for?


I felt energy during Sahaja Yoga Meditation and in my body many things got cured.


I feel very cool after coming to Sahaja Yoga and my heart finds solace. I have also got relief from the wound on my right hand. The thumb which was earlier painful to move is now quite better ; and I am able to eat food without any problem.


I had gone to Sahaja Yoga for the first time today and I felt the circulation of blood in my body. I used to have a problem in my spine. Today I had a sensation in it and felt a lot of relief. I also got a lot of relief in my eyes. My age is 52 years.

I felt good going to Sahaja Yoga Meditation. I got relief from pain which I used to have in one of my hands.

I want to do Sahaja Yoga Meditation daily, even after going out from here. I used to suffer a lot from headache and body-ache, now everything is gone. I felt very peaceful and joyous from meditation.

Today I went to Sahaja Yoga and found peace. The headache etc. disappeared and my heart became light. I want to practise meditation daily and will do so.

Om P.
I felt very happy on going to the course of meditation. I got rid of whatever wrong thoughts were there in my mind. I used to feel a lot of headache and heat, now everything is so cool and I feel as if the entire burden is lifted from my mind.

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