samedi 17 avril 2010

Joy and happiness

For some prisoners meditating in Delhi, joy is what they discovered out of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

After knowing about self-knowledge at the Sahaja Yoga course, I became very happy and my heart became light and I am very happy.

I enjoyed meditating and I will definitely take time out and meditate. I felt as if the entire burden on my spirit was lifted and I felt very light and relieved.

One should listen to such discourses. I felt very good in my heart and all the arrogance and malice in my heart was cleansed and I am very happy now.


In the Sahaja Yoga course, I felt so elated.

I have felt so much happiness from the bottom of my heart.

By Shri Mataji’s discourse I have realized a new meaning for being alive. I feel so happy and pleasant. My thoughts have completely cleansed . I am so thankful to the responsible of Sahaja Yoga course for this great gift of love.

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