jeudi 15 avril 2010

Less stress

Some prisoners meditating in Delhi wrote how they learnt to get beyond stress, waiting for their trial.

I have got a lot of bliss during Sahaja Yoga and my mind became very peaceful without stress. I and my friend Bhoodev were experiencing it since a few days. Today my friend got released. This has increased my faith and devotion towards this yoga and I hope I shall be released soon. I am very impressed by Sahaja Yoga and want to continue doing it always after returning home.

I brought my compatriot Ranbir to Sahaja Yoga Meditation and he was released on bail a few days later.
And another experience concerns one of my friends Jaikishen. I also requested him with my true heart to experiment this meditation as it was his first day of jail and as he was very stressed concerning his release. I don’t know if he had any feelings of devotion in his heart or not.

In meditation courses, he said in a funny way : “I’ll accept this yoga if I can get out of here ; otherwise I haven’t felt anything.” He had mopped the floor once or twice at the place of worship ; and he got bailed out soon after despite very low chances !

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