jeudi 17 février 2011

P. meditating in the jail of Helsinki

This is my testimony about the efficiency of the Sahaja yoga meditation for me to be more balanced.

I am thirty years old. I am inmate in a Finnish jail called Helsingin Vankila. My sentence is : all life in prison .
I went to jail in 2001 and the first years were really hard for me. I was in emotional roller coaster. I tried not to show it outside but inside I was feeling terrible. But then in January 2004 when I had lost almost all hope, Sahaja Yoga was introduced in our prison.

I immediately felt something wonderful that I never felt before. Something I couldn’t explain in words. I knew that was something that I had been looking for all my life. I stopped smoking immediately, something I couldn’t do before.

After that, I started to meditate every day and my lost smile returned inside of me. I am in peace now and want first of all to follow this path the rest of my life.
I want also to help as much as possible : other inmates were taught also. I could see they were as much helped as me.
So I really wish that every prisoner in the world could have this life changing experience.

P. Helsinki April 2006
Published by Sahaja Yoga Meditation in jail

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