jeudi 19 août 2010

Beyond hatred and revenge

Prisoners got many reasons for feeling revenge or hatred : parents who were violent or alcoholic, “friends” who betrayed them…
Theirs testimonies show that Sahaja Yoga Meditation helps them to go beyond these feelings.

Today, from the meditation at Sahaja Yoga centre I got a lot of peace and my heart became joyous. I got rid of my mental problem and bad feelings. The hatred I had in my heart towards someone changed into love. After going out I will practise Sahaja Yoga daily.

I felt very good doing Mother’s Sahaja Yoga. I felt cool in both my hands and felt as if all the weight on my spirit was released. I have given up hatred and realised that greatness lies in loving only.


I got a lot of peace of mind since I listened to Shri Mataji’s lecture. Whatever malice is there in my heart and whatever bad habits I had I surrender them to God. I will keep on meditating with full heart and sincerity daily. I have forgiven everyone, there is no foe of mine in this world.


I realised after listening to today’s discourse that it is best to leave everything on the divine power. All anger and arrogance finished in my mind and all the malice in my heart was cleared.

Feeling of revenge and anger were increasing day by day in me. I was becoming aggressive and rash , because of which I had to come to jail. But after doing Sahaja Yoga meditation, all these qualities subsided and I became peaceful. I have no more feeling of revenge in me.

The past three days since I joined Sahaja Yoga meditation, I have felt all my hatred being nullified into compassion. I just don’t understand but its so wonderful.

Due to today's discourse of Shri Mataji, I have removed the hatred from my heart. Have compassion for others and get compassion from others. To live and to let live is how I feel now.

My thoughts have transformed and I will practice Sahaja Yoga and uproot hatred completely from my soul.

When I sat for Sahaja Yoga meditation, I had a lot of anger in me. But after listening to the talks of Shri Mataji, my anger got cooled down and there was no feeling of revenge left in me.
When I think of the person because of whom I was sent to jail, anger rises in me. But when I meditate, my mind becomes peaceful.
Thank you

After coming to Sahaja Yoga meditation, whatever revengeful feeling I had in me, left me and my agitated mind became peaceful. Just sitting for one hour has given me so much peace. If I do SahajaYoga for one month, I will become absolutely peaceful. Within a few days we will start emanating sparks of Humanity and Kindness from our hearts.
I will go again and again to Sahaja Yoga meditation. Thank you.


I experienced joy and peace of mind during Sahaja Yoga. Joy is springing now in me. Feeling of revenge left my heart…

During Sahaja Yoga courses, I got peace of mind and my restlessness finished off. The feeling of revenge which was flaring in my heart also calmed down. I left to God the problem of the ill-treatment and torture done to me. I want to continue practicing Sahaja Yoga even after going out of this jail.

Pawan K.
I felt very good with Sahaja Yoga and I want to do Sahaja Yoga Meditation daily. Today, when I was meditating, I felt that I am not in jail but in my home. I said, “I forgive everyone and I also forgive myself” then I felt my heart was at peace. The feeling of revenge left my heart. I feel as if my coming to jail was a coincidence because if I hadn’t come to jail, I wouldn’t have got such a feeling…


Today during Sahaja Yoga I experienced the effect of this meditation and felt peace of mind and happiness. I gained knowledge about Sahaja Yoga meditation. During the practice, mental tension, feeling of jealousy and revenge underwent a sudden change.


I felt good after sitting in Sahaja Yoga room. My heart became full of peace. The feeling of revenge left my mind. We should be peaceful and loving towards everyone. I felt cool in my hands and in my mind.


Earlier, I was confused and mind was not at peace. After listening to Shri Mataji’s talk, my mind became peaceful and I understood what was being said. I will try to wake up my common sense and will not fight with anyone.


Today, discourses of Shri Mataji have completely transformed my mind. I don’t feel any hatred anymore .It is such a nice feeling. I am now onwards going to be well wisher to everyone.

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