mercredi 18 août 2010

No stress with meditation

One of the benefices of Sahaja Yoga meditaiton is to get rid of stress.

During Sahaja Yoga courses, I felt a small jolt in my spine and I felt some trembling and strong vibrations in my hands. All the stress vanished from my mind.


My mind became peaceful and stress-free. I got a lot of bliss and I liked Sahaja Yoga a lot. I felt a sweet itching-like sensation in my hands and I got some knowledge. I felt very peaceful. Thanks!


I felt very good after coming to Sahaja Yoga. First I felt the circulation of blood in my hands and then I felt a little warm. I got peace in my heart and relief from stress.

Sanjeet A.
I got peace from Sahaja Yoga Meditation. My entire mental disturbance has vanished. I’ve got rid of stress. My mind and heart have got peace.

I got a lot of peace from Sahaja Yoga. I will do Sahaja Yoga after returning home also and will tell my friends about it also. I have got relaxation in my thoughts on doing Sahaja Yoga.

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