mardi 13 avril 2010

No stress after meditation

"…Today by lunch time my restlessness increased quite a lot and I started feeling anxious. Neither I could sleep nor even could sit. Every moment I felt like an eternity. And to top it all the electricity got cut and the fans stopped so the heat also increased.

Time passed away with great difficulty. When the barracks were opened, I started feeling eager to go for Sahaja Yoga meditation. But a fellow meditating also informed me that there would be no electricity for 3-4 hours and hence there would be no Sahaja Yoga today. Then I could not bear the restlessness as today I wasn’t finding the restrictions of jail at all bearable and the memory of my mother was plaguing my mind.

But in some time only the electricity came and Sahaja Yoga was conducted in a timely fashion as on other days. This was a blessing… My patience had been tested and all this play was staged to give me my realization only.

Today I realized that I fall to hurry and restlessness to achieve a good result. Thanks to Sahaja Yoga Meditation for this course which made me feeling much better…"

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