lundi 18 juin 2012

Feeling peace

The first positive effect of Sahaja Yoga Meditation for beginners, is their feeling of peace. It is the main subject of 90% of the testimonies of prisoners from Tihar (Delhi) in India.


After doing Sahaja Yoga meditation, my internal thoughts calmed down. I have gained an insight to identify my enemies inside. I have asked that my divorce should come through. I received a lot of power inside myself.


I felt that if one wants to live with peace and happiness Sahaja Yoga is the way. It will not only bring peace but also improve my life. Will start from today.


Felt peace of mind and felt very good. Whatever I wanted I have go it.


I not only felt happy and peaceful, but a part of my mind was swinging with Joy. Is there anything left to ask for?


I felt very good. I would like to continue doing Sahaja Yoga daily after going out from here. Felt also a strange kind of peace in my heart. And whatsoever wish one has gets fulfilled.


The day I go for Sahaja Yoga, I get peace of mind and happiness. I would like to do Sahaja Yoga daily. After going out from here I will go to Sahaja Yoga Centre. Today I felt cool breeze coming out of my hands and also peace of mind.


Felt peace of mind and love towards others. Want to get rid of my bad habits and organise my personal life.


I find peace and calm during Sahaja Yoga and hope that even after going out from here, will continue to get blessings through this kind of meditation.


Today was my third time in Sahaja Yoga. I felt cool breeze coming out of my hands. Also felt warm air coming out of my head. Will continue this after going out.


Feel very good after going to SahajaYoga. Don’t feel good when I am not doing Sahaja Yoga.


I felt for the first time today during Sahaja Yoga that it is energy. Want to devote more time to this this subject and would like to put it into practice.


Felt good after going to SahajaYoga. Got this wonderful chance. SahajaYogis are teaching good things. I thank them from my heart..


I found a lot of peace while practicing Sahaja Yoga. My mind became peaceful and I felt some sensations on the palms of my hands, sometimes cool and sometimes warm. I want to practice daily and I want to continue even after going from here.

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