mardi 19 juin 2012

Human Rights about Sahaja Yoga programs in jail

Sahaja Yoga has been taught in Tihar since 1997.
A report from the Commonwealth Human Rights studied the effects of the intervention of 129 NGO in Indian jails. About Sahaja Yoga, it notices the help given by this method to the prisoners.
We have to notice that one hundred prisoners from Tihar wrote a testimony to explain the help Sahaja Yoga brought them...

Extracts p 93 from the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative report from 2008 about NGO interventions in Indian jails

Sahaja Yoga Organisation

Key Prison Activities:
Facilitating moral and spiritual growth of prisoners.

Mission & Aims:
The organisation aims to unite every human being with his Self. It wants to bring
about human reformation through the practice of yoga.

The Organisation & its Work:

Sahaja Yoga was initiated in Tihar Jail on the invitation of the Director General (DG) of
Prisons in 1997. The volunteers of Sahaja Yoga visit the jail three times in a week. Their
interventions have transformed prisoners into mentally and physically fit individuals.

Areas Identified for Reform in Prisons:
Sahaja Yoga interventions should be made mandatory in every prison for the welfare
and rehabilitation of the prisoners.

Difficulties at Work:

The interventions and activities of the organisation have been restricted only to Jail
n°5 at Tihar (Delhi). It would like to be involved with prisoners in other jails as well.
Published by Sahaja Yoga Meditation in jail