dimanche 10 janvier 2010

Sahaja Yoga meditation in France

Testimony of the organizer of the courses.

As far as I know, no one has continued the practice of Sahaja Yoga after incarceration. Prisoners have learned to relax, calm down and develop a positive approach towards their situation.

I'd like to share one of these experiences, revealing the impact of these meditations.

I am in a fairly large room; the inmates are free to come if they will. The guard leaves the door open 5 to 10 minutes then shut it up and went away. Often, new people are curious to experience this condition.

One day, when an inmate who looked very hard and physically sturdy entered the room, suddenly, all prisoners became silent. He was very angry and soliloquy, telling twists and through "I'll kill them, trashing the ..." A malaise could be felt and in a moment, I must confess that I started to doubt on the meaning of my presence there.

Wondering what would happen, because I was alone in the midst of all, I thought I had to let it calm down. Several minutes later, while no change intervened, I said: "I do not know what happened to you in your life, but since you came, I will speak to others like you and begin the meeting. At the end of the presentation, asking if some wanted to experience the realization he replied "yes, but I know it's bogus, it does not do anything.”

I asked him to put his hands towards me and tell me what he felt. Initially he said "nothing, it sucks." Then, suddenly, he felt the coolness over his head and his face was completely lit up. Rising of a sudden, he said to the assembly "You see guys, in life, we must be positive. Since that day, he went to another prison.

I lead these sessions of meditation for over three years. Emotions are strong, the discoveries are always amazing and the prisoners take an obvious benefit of these sessions. Not that these people will change completely overnight, but they have discovered an aspect of their personality they did not know: they could feel peace and calm in the silence, whenever it persisted only in meditation.

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