dimanche 10 janvier 2010

Testimony of A, a Finnish prisoner

I am from Finland. Once I was doing time in Helsinki prison and my life was all messed up. Then one day, a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to meditate and I went to a sahaja yoga meeting with him.
Suddenly my life started to change. I was filled with love, joy and happiness. It was very nice to meditate collectively and learn new things every day.

I realized that I had no more trouble to sleep and that my stress was gone.

Now I have been out for one year and I am still meditating. When I went out, things worked out nicely. I got my own flat. I made different kinds of jobs as a workman in Construction. And I was also working in the technical team of a film.
Right now I have not a job but I am sure something will come in my way.

I play drums in a band. I am going to India for an International seminar of sahaja yoga.

The prisoners who speak English can write me. You will get my address. I shall write you back.

A. N.
Published by Sahaja Yoga Meditation in jail

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