vendredi 1 janvier 2010

Russia 2007

Testimony of the organizers of the courses who were also playing music.

On December 16-17 2006, Sahaja Yogis conducted several Self-Realization programs in the prisons of Ryazan Region.
The yogis of the City of Ryazan invited Moscow and Colomna Yogis to help them organizing the programs.

We joyfully reacted to the invitation and on Saturday we were 15 yogis.
This jail is a Men’s Correctional Colony more than 100 km from the Region Center ; it ‘s not very often visited by musicians. That is why we were received quite warmly by the responsibles.

The program was held in the hall where there were a bit more than 400 convicts (and it was only half of all the prisoners). We told them about Sahaja Yoga and altogether we went through the protocol of Self-realization. Then there was a small concert of Indian music and an Indian dance.

The next day, on Sunday, we were waited for in two more colonies: in a Women’s Correction Colony and in a Men’s Correction Colony. In the Women’s Correction Colony we met with young ladies of 14-18 (300-400 people) who greeted us with much warmth and reacted very actively to everything happening during the program.

In the Men’s Colony, where there also were 400 convicts, it was much harder for us than in the previous two colonies. But the high wall of alienation was a little bit softened by an Indian dance and music.
Not many ventured to check the stream above their heads : the conditionings
of the others’ opinion were very strong. Nevertheless, there were the eyes in this hall which followed everything that was happening on the stage with real interest.

We were glad when after the program three prisoners, young guys, approached us. They originally were from Caucasian Republics, Muslims. They wished us in their language “much success in our work”.


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