jeudi 17 décembre 2009

Less aggressive after meditating

Testimony of a prisoner meditating in a jail near Roma

My name is Claudio, I am a 44 year-old and I am free lance. Up to March 29 th 2006 when I was arrested.

It was then a time of discouragement, of pain. I was closed in isolation without any contact . And alone with my thoughts : the souvenir of the death of my mother, a lot of strong emotions.

Then I was transferred in the jail of Velletri. I found new companions, all available, very strong, but it was however the loneliness. In the night I was thinking that the things don't happen by chance but for making us understanding what we are doing in our life.

I am not yet judged ; therefore I am an innocent potential that has not lost the hope to return as a free man. For this motive as soon as I have known that a course of yoga meditation was organised, I have not hesitated.

The impact has been embarrassing but positive. I have found Lucio and Daniela that explained to me, last arrival, the preceding lessons making me understanding the positive effects of this yoga on my companions.

Lucio and Daniela are two beautiful people who through meditation try to communicate with us to be solider with people far from their world. I have followed the lessons with attention and curiosity, trying to understand every of their gesture with sincerity.
I must affirm that at the end, I have felt a sense of comfort , an internal calm that has allowed me to face the following days in harmony with myself.

I hope following with constancy and discipline to acquire values that will allow me to live the detention period in a constructive way.

And after almost one month of this adventure, I can affirm with all sincerity that this has made me happier, cheerful and less aggressive.

Thanks to all the people who had this initiative. It got a large consent from all of us.
Thank you to Lucio, thank you to Daniela.

Claudio from Italy
Published by Sahaja Yoga Meditation in jail

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