vendredi 4 décembre 2009

Meditation in Australian jails

In the year 2000, programs were given in the jail for juvenile of Canberra.
Here is the testimony of the organizers of the courses.

8 inmates, 2 guards and a social worker were participating. The prisoners were very opened, asked many questions. The planning was spontaneous . We were watching a video about Sahaja Yoga, or discussing, or meditating…

We had to stop after 3 months because it was holydays and every program was stopping. There were also only 2 inmates left. The others were gone after their trial.

The following year, there were not enough yogis available to start again the programs.
Other programs are organised in Australia: in a jail for foreigners in irregular situation ; in a jail for adults near by Sydney ; in centers of rehabilitation for people taking drug or alcohol.
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