mardi 28 avril 2009

Sahaja Yoga in Indian jails in 1998

The first programs in jail in India started in Mumbai in 1998. They are still following. There are also courses in the jail of Delhi.

Courses were done first to the Police of Bombay.
Then authorisation was asked to go to the jail of Nasik (near by Bombay).
The first program started with 300 inmates!

There were meditations every day and after 6 months, the prisoners were very satisfied to find a big amelioration in them. An inmate took the responsibility for the new programs.

A newspaper wrote an article:
The yoga is changing the life of inmates
Integrated in an action of rehabilitation, various programs of Sahaja Yoga took place in the jail 2 hours per day. An inmate who is following the courses told us " I couldn't sleep any more. During nights and nights, the desire of revenge was burning me. But now, I am no more intoxicated by anger. The Yoga helped me to
go beyond my problems. I could forgive. I can sleep and I feel more peaceful. I learned a new art of living."
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