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TV documentary about sahaja yoga as help for the prisoners

European forum : the rehabilitation of the inmates in Europe on Arte, French-German channel , November 19 2005.

The recurrence, which solutions ?

Arte broadcasted a documentary on the rehabilitation of inmates in 3 European countries. The journalists just went to a jail where Sahaja Yoga is taught : in Helsinki .
And they filmed P. , an inmate who has been practising Sahaja Yoga since January 2004 . P. arrived in this jail in 2001. He was feeling very bad before meeting Sahaja Yoga.

The introducer of the documentary :
“As every Saturday evening, we present you our European Forum. To put somebody in jail is one thing. To prevent his recurrence is another thing.”

After the documentary in Czech Republic and the one in France, now, we go to Finland..........

The introducer:
“.If there is is a Paradise for rehabilitation of prisoners, no doubt that’s Finland. The way of Scandinavian people is simple : to bring closer step by step inmates to normal life.”

Commentaries :
“In this jail we are going to visit, there are 340 inmates. This jail of Helsinki is the second one from Finland for the number of prisoners. Tree quarters of the inmates were already condemned. But the jail is doing a lot for rehabilitation.
The surroundings of this jail seem to be peaceful. In some parts of the jail, the inmates have a little freedom.
P. is living in a cell which is staying opened the whole day. Studies and meditation, that’s how he is spending his time.
P. was recommended to us by the Administration as a model. A model because the jail permetted him to make a discovery : yoga. Yoga changed completely the life of P. “

P. :
“We are several inmates practising yoga together. We are meditating together once a week, on Sundays morning. And every Wednesday, somebody is coming from outside to teach us.”

Commentaries :
“P. is condemned for life. With the laws of Finland, he may be released after 14 years of jail. And even before with a presidential pardon.”

P. :
“That’s quite well here. We can choose among many activities.”

Commentaries :
“P. prepared his bachelor in jail. He is following University courses with teachers coming in the jail.
There is also the possibility to work in the jail. The work is furnished by factories.”

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