mardi 23 mars 2010

Good meditation in group for K.

The Sahaja Yoga Meditation is taking place 3 times a week in the jail of Tihar in Delhi. One hundred inmates wrote a testimony, describing how this method helped them.
Here is the testimony of K. who writes he can only meditate in group. He is feeling so much the negative waves of some members of his family he deceived, he can’t concentrate alone

"Today not only did I feel relieved from the previously escalating anxiety but also felt an immense joy and my body suddenly became so balanced and my mind started to blossom in this balance. And I desire to be balanced in this way forever.

On the day before we were not able to do Sahaja Yoga like everyday. And so I felt anxious all day long and whenever I tried to meditate alone, I felt like some dark shadows. And I was scared as if some demonic aura was trying to stop me from meditating. My mind so became restless and I felt the need for someone to support me to meditate. My attention, over and over again, was going to my household, so negative towards me.

Most of the members of my family and my in-laws are followers of some guru. I did not agree to this guru of theirs. Before becoming his followers, they were respecting me and were accepting my suggestions and comments in all their actions and so we were happy like this.

But all of them after following this guru suddenly changed. And eventually the conflict between us increased so much that they ganged up on me and crushed my honesty by sending me to jail. I can very well understand the cunningness and unfairness in their mind. Thing which is fundamentally unacceptable to me.

However today, while meditating with the group, my attention became concentrated and merged in my Sahasrara, I felt very different from before. I felt so elated with joy that I would not be able to compare it right now. And physically it is like if my body is balanced as a tree. Also the coolness on the palms of both my hands is steadily increasing. I am realizing that my self is awakening within me. And then I will not be affected by any dark shadows any more.

The unpleasant desire for revenge which breeds in me is eliminated little by little."

K. , Delhi 24/03/ 2005
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