jeudi 25 février 2010

Reduction of sentences for courses of yoga in Indian jails

Summary of an article published in various national newspapers on January 25, 2010.

In India, several kinds of yoga have been taught since more than 10 years and their positive effect is widely recognised. The authorities decided to encourage prisoners to follow this kind of courses, giving them summaries. A pilot program is just starting in the center of India.

“For three months of courses of yoga, prisoners may get 2 weeks of remission” declared last Thursday the General Inspector of jails from Madhya Pradesh State, Sanjay Mane. “The yoga is good to control the anger and to reduce the stress” added him. When a prisoner has been following courses of yoga and is going to be released, he will get a remission. This, like for having made a success of the examinations. "

About 400 prisoners signed already for this program tested in the jail of Gwalior.

Published by Sahaja Yoga Meditation in jail