vendredi 1 mai 2009

Nuria leading the program in Tenerife

When we started, women were insulting each other and I asked myself what I was doing here.
But after the awakening of their kundalini, I saw some inmates crying of joy.
The “chief“ of the prisoners told me at the second course that she left the hard drugs.
She left the other drugs after 2 months. She gave the advice to the inmates to go to the program.
Another lady who had a problem of drug and of prostitution left the drug also quickly and started to change deeply. She had her friend in the men part of the jail. She could see him every week. She helped him to awaken his kundalini and they started to meditate together.

Other prisoners who had their husband in the jail were doing the same.
Women sent documentation about Sahaja Yoga to their family, telling this kind of meditation was really efficient and they had to try it.

An inmate had to be isolated because she insulted a guard. After 9 days, she came back with a shining face. She had meditated most of the time!

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