mardi 13 février 2018

Puzal central prison, Chennai

Sahaja Yoga programs in Puzal central prison, Chennai,India, 11/02/2018.

"Mr. Joshi, Mr. Ramesh and myself entered the cell and were received by Dr. Shankaran the RMO of Puzhal Prisons with open hands and heart filled with Love and Compassion. He told us with all excitement that 300 inmates of the Prison are being released under the Amnesty Scheme. He told us that we should continue and see that all the other inmates also achieve the same benefits.
As we entered the Prison I meditation hall, we started balancing exercises and meditation. So joyous was the feeling within.
After the session was the inmates were filled with joy. The Leader amongst them said we were the only people who were able help them achieve the joy and peace within. He further informed us about the Release of 300 inmates on the 25th of February in the presence of VIP's and Ministers.
Under the Amnesty Scheme the Government is providing them with funds and facilities to set themselves a future. He told us that this the first time such a Scheme had been introduced. He said that he himself is not able to believe that so many inmates are getting this relief.
This is something which we can Learn: simplicity and true love can really make a difference." 
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