dimanche 11 avril 2010


Delhi prisoners founnd help in Sahaja Yoga Meditation for repentance.

I realized my mistake during Sahaja Yoga meditation. I felt good in my heart. I will not repeat such mistake in the future. Thanks!

Today I went to Sahaja Yoga programme for the first time. I felt that it is a Yoga not associated with any caste or religion. Still it gives us a hand on experience of our self. I will start doing Sahaja Yoga daily with discipline. Will leave all my bad deeds, will do 3 to 4 good deeds everyday. I will use Sahaja Yoga against violence also. I thank all the SahajaYogis because of whom I feel peace of mind. Thank you.


During Sahaja Yoga,. I felt as if a flower had blossomed on my head. The feeling of repentance also took birth in my mind. My worries reduced and I felt good coming to the meditation because of the reduction in mental stress.

It was my desire to see my brother who is kept in the other ward. While returning from Sahaja Yoga room, I did catch a glimpse of him on the way and we also met. All this is the fruit of blessings only…

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