dimanche 4 octobre 2009

Meditation in France

In France, Sahaja Yoga programs in jail started like this : the director of an association had followed some courses of Sahaja Yoga Meditation 4 years ago, said one day, to the responsible of the Sahja Yoga courses : "this Sahaja Yoga Meditation is very efficient. I am sure it can help inmates. Do you agree to do something in jail ? I shall recommend you to the director."

The yogi called the director who told him : " we don't need any recommendation, any documentation about your association. We give you 3 months to prove how Sahaja Yoga Meditation can help prisonners."

So the organizer started the courses. After 3 times, he had to stop one month. When he started again, 12 inmates came back even after this one month break.

One man said that he felt so well, that he was meditating whenver he had the time to do it. He said he stopped taking drugs. Another one said he stopped smoking.

A lady, member of the direction came several times and meditated as well with the group.
The first time, at the end, she said : "what you are doing is extraordinary ! You have to know taht these 5 inmates who were at the program, are always very nervous. And they were silent for 2 hours. I never saw them like that !"
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