jeudi 14 mai 2009

Musical programs in a Russian jail

Testimony of an organizer of Sahaja Yoga meditation courses also singing and playing music.

I personally visits jails, sang and said to prisoners about Sahaja

The programs are held in the following way:
First our compere says some words to the prisoners then the
Music band sings a song. After that the compere continues saying.

After 2-3 songs the compere makes selfrealisation protocol. Then, again a song.
In general we sing 5-6 songs per program. Sahaj Music makes our
programs very effective.

It is the greatest joy to see how all these people change
after such programs. I adore visit prisons with selfrealisation

Some of us noticed that when we came to a prison the weather was nasty but when we left it was joyfullysunny outside !

Dmitry from Togliatti, Russia

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