samedi 1 août 2009

Meditation in New York

Tree members of Sahaja Yoga wrote their impression after having made a course of meditation in the widdest jay of New York

Herbert R. In the center of rehabilitation, there were 7 huge dormitories with 60 inmates in each. We were teaching them yoga there among the beds. Those who were not interested were staying behind.
The first day, I saw many rock faces arriving. But during the meditation, these faces became like children faces !

Maryanne B: “ In the room for drugged people where I was, I could hear a pin drop. Even the men who did not participate were respectable and whispered not to disturb those meditating. It was as though something special was taking place. "

Jerry M.: “The very first program was held in an area with prisoners who had medical problems. The guys were all lined up. Some also came in wheelchairs.

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