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Courses in Finland

Jari made Sahaja Yoga meditation courses in a jail from Helsinki during several years.

Today 21.9.2005, Helsinki prison program took place again after Summer interruption. The prisoners have in same time all kinds of other hobbies and practises. The authorities of the prison suggested a couple of weeks ago that we would come there every other week but we insisted that the need for meditations in weekly. They approved our desire. So today it started.

There were three persons present. So in the library's tv-room there was Pepe who started to arrange twice a week meditations for the prisoners. Then there was a new man with beard and a guard. I asked the guard if he was also going to attend? It was clear to him so he also got his Realisation! So now also those boundaries are broken in Helsinki prison.

Already on the way to the prison my Kundalini rose and I entered in meditation.

I had taken with me a bag full of gifts given by yogis to our brothers in prison. When I went in through the metal detector and inspection coincidently it was looked after by an old friend of mine who allowed me to take in all the material after a brief investigation.

After the meditation when everybody had tried what they can feel on the top of their heads, I told that this is yoga and we can stay in this thoughtless awareness meditation. So we did. I was in very deep meditation maybe 10-20 minutes or more. Sometimes a thought entered my mind if this was too heavy stuff for the guard and for the other new man. Finally I said that we can open our eyes and I stepped in front to answer some questions. But the two men just kept meditating. I stood in meditation myself maybe 10-20 minutes still until the guard "woke up" and started to look at his watch. I told that the time was about to end. We had been there all together about two hours.

And then THE THANK YOU!!!!! I gave all the gifts. I told it's a present from the Finnish collectivity and a indication that they are our brothers and in our attention.


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