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Concert in a Czech jail

Testimonies of 3 members of Sahaja Yoga meditation

In November 2003, we organized a concert with our music band “Wind in Hands”. Nathalie was inspired by the experience of SY from Holland with their programs in Prison. There were also 2 men coming regularly for almost one year to the programs outside in Opava who were working in the prison.

Behind 10 security locks, at the place of former chapel, were our musicians playing vibratory whirlwind for 50 sentenced women. From the total number 200, were chosen only 50 even though the interest from the side of women was much higher.

And really the vibrations were almost touchable through the voices of our musical group “Wind in Hands”. Women were reacting without restraints, were doing self-realisation exercise with great joy and telling each other their impressions. At the end of the program the group was playing song “Good Bye” and after adding songs we were giving them leaflets about Sahaja Yoga.

I have gained very valuable experience from understanding, that in the darkest place is the light most visible.

The worst were only our hidden fears and often unnecessary worries.

In prison in Opava

Our first meeting with the involuntary dwellers of this tightly guarded fort has occurred when we came out from the stair’s shaft to a wide corridor bordered by cells.

We were not in the department of the heaviest cases so the cells were opened and the dwellers were freely rooming in the corridor. We were immediately attracting their attention. The security guards brought us to a room where the concert was supposed to take place. The hall was slowly getting full. The preceptor had introduced us and explained that our name is not “wind it to the pocket” as they thought at first but “wind into hands”.

And we could start. It was puzzled, nobody knew what to expect, they from us and we from them. How to say that we are happy they came for concert when they have nowhere to come…..they are here and nothing else is left….

The first song was Ganesha Ganesha…Before we started to play, we heard from the crowd: “And what is it about…?”Ondra explained who Ganesha is. Atmosphere was amazing after the first song….

The eyes of women started shining like stars on early evening sky, joy and spontaneity started to come. It is a dream of all musicians to have audience with such an opened heart….

Almost all felt vibrations during meditation led by Ondra. Some ladies were enthusiastically describing the column of energy rising from their heads…
It was amazing…. We were collectively singing … and then Lenka was singing raga. All women were listening with attention and were meditating…. Ondra was then singing very nicely the beginning for the song Vishva Vandita and ovation was not ending…

There was a big interest for leaflets with description of meditation so that one supervisor had to take care of them and distribute them one after another, otherwise the ladies would fight for them.

When we came out from the gate of the prison, we were all exhausted but happy that we could give something to those who need it most…

Remarks of another singer

I was surprised that most of them were so young… It was taking me by surprise little bit ; and with tight throat I was talking to myself : "girls, what have you done that you are here..?"
One girl confided to Ondra she was sentenced for 5 years…

Then something unbelievable happened – Lenka managed all the audience to sit with palms up on their knees even before realisation exercise. The young ones were sitting on the ground with crossed legs and with closed eyes. And believe it or not, when I heard all the prisoners to sing the mantra OM so beautifully like one (it is something that we did not manage with any audience till now!!!) I felt like weeping and I was little worried that when my solo comes I will not be able to sing.

I had feeling that we only very seldom sing so nicely, uniformly and with full speed like in this strange environment. Perhaps it was caused even by our wish to give them as much light as possible… I would say they were our most grateful audience. Some of them were able to feel their Kundalini even before Ondra led them through realisation. Many of them were having questions like seekers usually have…

The Sun looked out of clouds in whiles and moved over our heads. I have not felt since long so much full and absolute security.


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