samedi 25 avril 2009

Article : yoga will transform prisoners life

Indian article published in a newspaper from mumbai.

Nashik reporter: "In one of the critical moments in life which made you to do crime & you are in jail. But it will not last longer. After you will be free from jail, you will be labelled as prisoners in the world. But what will be surely helpful in changing the view of the people"...

...So this were the quotes of a newspaper editor, who came for the ceremony where the prisoners practising Sahajayoga gave realisation to the new coming prisoners.

As a part of rehabilitation & transformation different programs are conducted in jail, for example poetry and yoga classes. Now sahaja yoga has entered the jail. Nashik district Sahaja yogis taught the process of Sahaja yoga to prisoners for 2 hours everyday.

"We learned an art of living. We understood the process of cleansing of our mind & body. We were sleepless whole night. Desire of revenge was burning within, but now, we became peaceful, we can sleep well, anger is no more...And we are freed from addictions"...this is the heartfelt agreements made by some of the prisoners.

By catching the same string, the chief editor said're very lucky that you got your realisation through sahaja yoga even though you are in jail.

The balance in life is achieved by the process like sahaja yoga. Jails will be no more there if the community understands this yoga. And it will prosper the lives definitely.

Furthermore, he said that there are many people with obstructive mind & criticism in their tendency. But when they pass through such process of mind...peace... & experience realisation, then complete transformation is seen in their lives.

The jail superintendent said that all prisoners are under stress all the time in jail...are always burning with revenge in their mind. To make their life easy & sahaj such process is carried out, which made peace in prisoners...gave them self-discipline & productivity in jail is increased.

Sahaja yoga is practised by millions of peoples in about 80 countries all over the world. The person ascends with the cleansing of his mind and body.

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